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25 kV, 600 A, 150 kV BIL, Porcelain, Horizontal Three-Phase Loadbreak Switch

by CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: D7TS2BLQT

Product Details


Blade Type Tubular Copper (single-member)
Cantilever Bending Strength - Routine 2,000 Lbs (8.9 kN)
Color - Insulator Sky Gray
Contact Silver, Copper
Crossarm Brace Type Steel (4" x 4")
Description - Terminal Connectors 6 - Teminal Connectors (ATC1343, #2 - 500kcmil) w/ galvanized hardware
Insulator Type Porcelain (3" Bolt Circle)
Material - Base Galvanized Steel per ASTM A153
Material - Interphase Shaft Steel
Mounting Position Horizontal
Tension Range 10000 lb
Torsional Strength 8,000 in Lbs (903 N-M)

Electrical Ratings

BIL 150 kV
Creep and Leakage Distance 29.3" (744mm)
Current - Under Loop Switching 600 A (4.8kV)
Current - Under Magnetizing Switching .5 A
Current Rating 600 A
Current Rating - Cable (Shielded) 10 A
Current Rating - Cable (Unshielded) 10 A
Dead-Ending Rating - Unequal Load 700Lbs
Dead-Ending Rating - Working Load 6000 Lbs
Depth - Ice Break 3/8"
Interrupt Rating - 600 A 50 Operations
Reference Voltage Limit - Minimum 25 kV
Temperature Rise - Max. at 600A 32.5°C
Voltage - Maximum 27 kV
Withstand Current - Short Time (10 cycles) 40kA, asymmetrical
Withstand Current - Short Time (3 sec) 25kA, symmetrical

Certifications and Compliance

Industry Standard(s) All Applicable ANSI/IEEE Standards


Standard Package 1



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