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Loadbreak Fuse Cutout DHC-C 38 kV

By Delmar 

Catalog ID: DHCC-3810017005

By Delmar
Catalog ID:  DHCC-3810017005
Quick switching in distribution systems is one of preponderant factors to improve the energy supply. In order to get more flexibility and efficiency to operate lines and equipment keeping the existing protection philosophy, Delmar is introducing the cutout model DHC-C. The DHC-C cutout is a product for opening the load without use of any special tools or the breakage of the fuse link. It is built to support the short circuit interruption efforts and load close and open operations. In normal operations, the circuit is interrupted by the melting of fuse link without the participation of the arc chute, as well as in a standard cutout. In a load interruption with DHC-C the current is deviated from the upper contact to the auxiliary contact installed inside the arc chute by means of a stainless steels blade of fuseholder. The arc formed during the opening of the auxiliary contact is confined in