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AIS-9 15KV - 600A Deadbreak, SM-20 Fuse Mounting, Removable Bushings, Well Inserts Air-Insulated Padmount Switch

By Hubbell Power Systems 

Catalog ID: A090A20C1I

By Hubbell Power Systems
Catalog ID:  A090A20C1I
15kV rated; AIS-9 configuration; 600A deadbreak bushings; S&C SM-20 fuse mounting, rated 17kV, 200A RMS; Removable stud 600A bushings; 200A bushing well inserts
  • The AIS Switch is a true deadfront design with a sealed switching compartment, utilizing air as the insulating medium along with a deadfront connector system.
  • This combination minimizes electrical exposure to work crews and the public, reduces outages, reduces maintenance requirements and provides the most cost effective solution for 15kV and 25kV underground system sectionalizing.
  • The AIS has been tested to rigorous specifications of the Standard for Deadfront Padmounted Switchgear, ANSIC37.72.

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