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Combine comfort, convenience with weatherproof safety for today’s outdoor lifestyles. These products are designed to bring your indoor comforts outside. Enhance your outdoor space—porch, patio, veranda, pergola.


Outdoor Decorator Switch Cover


The Bell Outdoor Weatherproof Decorator Switch Cover line provides convenient on/off rocker functions just like indoor Decorator style switches. The Bell Outdoor Weatherproof Decorator Switch Covers provide homeowners an easy solution to upgrade to contemporary switches for today’s outdoor living. Attractive appearance combined with ease of use.




An internal elastomer membrane provides weatherproof protection. These models are compatible with single pole or 3-way Decorator switches. Mounting screws and weatherproof gasket are provided.






 5122-0* 1-Gang Weatherproof Decorator Switch Cover & Switch, Gray










5123-0 (Gray), 5123-1 (White) & 5123-2 (Bronze) 1-Gang Weatherproof Decorator Switch Covers (no switch included)








5127-0 (Gray), 5127-1 (White), 5127-2 (Bronze) (2-Gang) & 5129-0 (Gray), 5129-1 (White), 5129-2 (Bronze) (3-Gang) Weatherproof Decorator Switch Covers (no switch included)











Outdoor Ceiling Fan and Luminaire Box


The Bell Outdoor Ceiling Fan and Luminaire Box provides a safe and secure mounting and weatherproof wiring junction for outdoor fans, chandeliers or pendant lights. Part of Bell’s Outdoor Comforts™ line, this electrical box is designed to enhance outdoor living spaces with the same convenience and comfort as indoors.


PRCFrafteroutside       PRCFoutside2      Outdoorbackporch


Supports fans up to 70 lbs or heavy luminaires up to 150 lbs.The box features five 3/4 In threaded entries for conduit or fittings with four closure plugs. The box includes three reducer bushings (3/4 In to 1/2 In) and mounts parallel, perpendicular or 45° from a joist that is constructed of heavy duty PVC with integrated galvanized steel support bracket.



PRCF57550GY (Gray), PRCF57550WH (White), PRCF57550BZ (Bronze)



PRCF Covers