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350122C, Copper Shear Bolt Wedge Tap Connector, 300-350, Tap: 3/0


Connector Products (CPI)

Main Conductor: 300 - 350 Cu (.609"-.684") Tap Conductor: 3/0 Cu (.464" - .500")

  • Industry-proven spring wedge technology easily installed with common socket or impact wrench
  • Installed overhead
  • Meets or exceeds current carrying capacity of conductors being connected
  • "Spring like" high strength C-Body ensures permanent connection with consistent pressure on the conductors
  • Corrosion resistant highly conductive copper and bronze alloys with a pure copper insert between conductors increases conductivity and lower electrical resistance
  • Corrosion inhibitor factory applied for ease of installation
  • Remains permanently locked through fault current or power sources
  • Easy to remove without damage to conductor