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S Medium/Heavy Duty Spring-Driven Cable Reels

By Gleason Reel 
By Gleason Reel
Gleason Series "S" Spring-Driven Electric Cable Reels are designed to be mounted on moving machinery. Electric current flows from your power source to the current consumer through the cable you specify. S-Reels utilize self-contained slip ring assemblies which transfer current to the cable mounted on the rotating spool. Models for 2 to 36 conductors, 30' to 120' for lift, drag and stretch applications (200' for retrieve applications)
  • Easily removable slip ring enclosure
  • Fast, Easy brush replacement
  • All-welded steel frame is fabricated from permanent welding fixtures to assure perfect alignment
  • Durable, long-lasting, baked polyester finish
  • Quick, One Piece Slip Ring Removal
  • Safe, Simple Spring Tension Adjustment
  • Designed with safety in mind
  • Even cable winding in multiple layers

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