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Learn something new about high voltage testing through one of our recorded webinars! Each webinar is given by one of our industry experts and is intended to explain the details of high voltage testing and how our products work. Explore our database of webinars covering a wide range of product lines and topics.

Motor Generator High Voltage Testing

Everything you've ever wanted to know about motor generator high voltage testing, is covered in this informative webinar.

Aerial Lift Dielectric Testing: D149-DI & OC60-DI

In this webinar, we take a deep dive into the world of aerial lift testing.

Material & Oil Breakdown Testing: D149-DI & OC60-DI

This presentation discusses material & oil breakdown testing.

Partial Discharge Testing

This webinar features the new DDX9121b, how to set up a partial discharge test and relevant standards (IEC, ANSI).

FR3 Oil in Our Products

This webinar focuses on the key benefits of environmentally sustainable FR3 oil and how we have been incorporating it into our products.

AC Dielectric Testing (Part I)

Part I of the AC dielectric testing webinar focuses on the purpose of AC testing, types of tests, types of equipment that needs such AC tests and how the 700 Series can test the integrity of insulation materials in electrical apparatus.

AC Dielectric Testing (Part II)

Part II of the AC dielectric testing webinar primarily focuses on the new upgradeable touch screen PLC controller offered by HIPOTRONICS.


The 2293 webinar is the first in HIPOTRONICS' new webinar series: a collection of pre-recorded presentations geared towards those in the field of high voltage testing.