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Inspections & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of your high voltage test equipment is crucial to its continued operation and can prevent malfunctions from bringing your production to a halt. In the long run, costs associated with preventive maintenance will prove highly economical when compared to the loss of productivity and profits with non-functioning equipment, especially when it comes to long downtimes or a complete halt in production. We believe our customers deserve a proactive asset management service that evaluates the condition and performance of the test systems essential to their production. HIPOTRONICS offers a Preventive Maintenance Agreement which includes regular observational check-ups and maintenance in order to ensure reliable, accurate, safe and trouble free operation in your factory. Our experienced, highly trained service engineers will not only provide scheduled maintenance but will also supply customers with product specific recommendations for how to prolong the lifetime of the test equipment. With 60+ years of experience in the field of high voltage test and measurement, we can assure our customer a quick and economic payback from any preventive maintenance investment. We currently offer annual contracts for maintenance on the following high voltage test systems:

  1. AC Resonant Test Systems (MSR, TSR)
  2. DC Test Systems (UHVDC)
  3. AC Dielectric Test Systems (700 Series)
  4. Motor Test Systems (MTS)

Preventive maintenance on test systems not listed above may be available upon request.

What you can expect from an annual maintenance agreement...

  1. Yearly performance check (as per IEC 60060-2)
  2. Complimentary spare parts kit
  3. Inspection and cleaning of test system
  4. Preventive maintenance on entire system
  5. Identification of components susceptible to malfunction
  6. Software and control systems update if applicable
  7. Check of all critical settings and safety interlocks
  8. Equipment evaluation review with customer
  9. Final report with all test results and recommendations to customer
  10. 15% discount on recommended repair parts mentioned in final report
  11. Tentative date for next scheduled visit
  12. High priority technical support throughout lifetime of contract