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Anchor, Disk Rod, 1in X 7ft Twineye

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: C2000114AW

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  C2000114AW
Corrosion-Resistant Disk Anchor Protected Rod 1" (25.4 mm) Diameter Rod, 7' (2134 mm) long with Twineye. Cap Nut and fiber washer is attached.

Forged eye Disk Anchor rods are galvanized, dipped in protective paint and include plastic sleeve, flanged cap nut and fiber washer . The anchor rod's flanged cast cap nut is large and heavy for greater protection. The heat-shrink sleeve over the galvanized anchor rod helps prevent moisture from going down the rod. The insulating washer is plastic-reinforced thermoset material for better load-bearing properties.

  • Thimbleye®, Twineye® and Tripleye® drop forged eye distribute pulling stresses uniformly over individual strands of guy wire and keep the guy wire from spreading,kinking, or bending.
  • Hot dipped galvanized per ASTM A153, Black asphalt paint applied over galvanizing, plastic tube assembled on rod
  • Includes Fiber Washer and Cap nut
  • Rods used with round Disk Anchors
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