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Vinyl Locking Fork Terminal For 12 - 10 AWG

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: TP108LF

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  TP108LF
Vinyl Locking Fork Terminal For 12 - 10 AWG.


Features: Type TP-LF Is A Variation Of The Type TP Design And Employs A Locking Fork Tongue For Fast Installation And Security, 600 V Maximum, 105 DEG C Maximum, Locking Fork Tongue Design: Allows Fast Installation-Screw Only Has To Be Loosened For Termination, Internal Configuration Of The Fork: Prevents The Terminal From Coming Off The Screw Without Applying A Pulling Force, Locking Fork Is Made From A Copper Alloy: Permits Many Installations While Maintaining Proper Spring Retention Of Forks, Insulation Diameter (maximum): 0.28 IN, Temperature Rating: 105 DEG C Maximum, Tape Mounted Catalog Number: BA10EL8, Installation Tool: Ratchet: MR8-89-1, M8ND Tool With N10ET-23 Die, Bulk Catalog Number: BA10EL8, Color Code: Yellow, Wire Strip Length: 19/64 IN, Finish: Electro-Tin Plated, Wire Insulation Grip: No