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Commander (SMART analogue), yellow, steel cord, 0 button (CB) - CE Marked

By GAI-Tronics 

Catalog ID: 227-02-0000-212

By GAI-Tronics
Catalog ID:  227-02-0000-212
The Commander family of telephones are tough, weather resistant units built to withstand abuse and environmental extremes. The Commander body is moulded in glass filled polyester to prevent rust and corrosion. It is simple to install with fixings concealed from view giving increased security from vandalism. Self Monitoring and Reporting Telephonescan be integrated with GAI-TRONICS’ TMA monitoring and maintenance software. SMART gives advanced features including remote programming, fault monitoring and call logging, all from a line-powered telephone capable of operating up to 7km from the exchange on a two-wire cable.