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Clamp Stick Head, 6"

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: M445529B
A Universal Clamp Stick Head for use with Eye Screw Grounding Clamps. The 6" head is for long eye screw grounding clamps.

Complete Trouble Shooter Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4031612
Multi-duty kit includes six 4-foot sections of field-proven 1.25" Epoxiglas Universal Pole that snap together. Spring-loaded locking buttons permit uses at 4, 8, 12, 16, 20 and 24-foot lengths.

Disconnect Extension Section, 1-1/4"X4'

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4032062
Non-conductive splices snap together for just the right job length. Compact fittings interchange on orange Epoxiglas insulated sections, store in limited space.