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By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YC26C26

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YC26C26
CU Compression C Shape Compression Connector, 600 Volts to 35 Kv, 1/0 Str. - 2/0 Str. (Run & Tap).

Features: Range-Taking Connector: Lowers Inventory Requirements, Compact Size: Easy To Tape And Insulate Connection, Manufactured From High Conductivity Wrought Copper: Provides Low Resistance And Excellent Electrical Conductivity, Economical: Provides Low Installed Cost, 8A - Use CRIMPITS Accommodating 6 Stranded Copper, 6A - Use CRIMPITS Accommodating 4 Stranded Copper, 4A - Use CRIMPITS Accommodating 2 Stranded Copper, 2A - Use CRIMPITS Accommodating 1/0 And 2/0 Copper, Use PUADP-1 Adapter When Using U Dies In The Y46 HYPRESS, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): Y35, Y750, Y45 Tool, U-O Die, (1), U-E Die, (3), Y46 Tool, U-O Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (1), U-E Die With PUADP-1 Adapter, (3), Die Index: O Element A, Conductor Size (run - Range): 1/0 - 2/0 AWG, Conductor Type: Run: Commercial Stranded Copper, Tap: Commercial Stranded Copper, Shape: C, Conductor Size (tap Range): 1/0 - 2/0 AWG

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