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Compression Pin Adapter

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: AYPO1000

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  AYPO1000
Aluminum compression adaptor, UL Listed 90° C, Up to 35 kV, Cover is rated for 600 V.
  • Aluminum pin terminals are dual rated to accommodate both copper andaluminum wire
  • Short pin length design permits easy installation in limited space applications;rated for the full ampacity of the incoming conductor
  • Smooth surface on the pin allows for greater contact area and electricalconnectivity
  • Solid pin design eliminates “how tight is tight” torque requirement problem and eliminates over torquing on stranded pin adapters that can result in damaged strands increasing resistance
  • Barrel is designed with an internal chamfer at the wire entry to ensure smooth insertion of the wire, preventing possible damaging of the wire strands during insertion
  • Electro-tin plated unless otherwise specified to reduce galvanic corrosion(bimetallic) and resist corrosive elements
  • Connectors are clearly marked with wire size, die index, color code, and crimp location bands
  • Factory pre-filled with PENETROX™ Type A13 oxide inhibitor
  • Color coded end caps are factory inserted in the barrels to match the die color code and prevent foreign materials from entering the barrel
  • Aluminum oxidation is not easily detected but causes resistance in aconnection; it is imperative the proper preparation takes place prior to making an aluminum-to-aluminum connection
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