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Nylon Ring Terminal For 4 AWG

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YAEV4CL3

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YAEV4CL3
Nylon Ring Terminal For 4 AWG.


Features: The INSULUG Type YAEV-L Is Designed For Very Demanding High Vibration Applications Encountered In Aircraft And Aboard Ships As Well As Motor Lead Applications In Hospitals, Industrials And Generating Plants, The Nylon Insulated Seamless, Electrolytic Copper Barrel With Double Thick Tongue Provides An Extra Strong Insulated Connection, The Terminal Is Rated 105 DEG C And Meets SAE-AS7928 Requirements, Double Thick Tongue: Provides Maximum Reliability And Electrical Capacity Plus An Extra Strong Terminal Tongue, Manufactured From One-Piece Pure Electrolytic Copper: Provides High Conductivity, Low Resistance With No Seams To Split Plus Ductility For Excellent Crimp Forming Properties, Electro-Tin Plated: Provides Long-Lasting Corrosion Resistance, Nylon Insulation Is Locked In Place: Insulation Will Not Move Or Twist Off, 300 Volt Nylon Insulation: High Dielectric Strength And Stability In Demanding Oily Environmental Conditions, Color Coded: Provides Quick, Easy Wire Size Connector Selection, Installation Tool: Non-Ratchet: MY28-6 Tool, Hydraulic: Y35, Y39 Tool With U4CET Die Set, Tools, Die Nest Catalog Number, Die Indentor Catalog Number: HYPRESS: Y29NC Tool, DEV4L Die Nest, Y29PLE-1 Die Indentor, Temperature Rating: 105 DEG C Maximum, Wire Shroud: No, Insulation Diameter (maximum): 0.374 IN, Package: Bulk, Finish: Electro-Tin Plated, Conductor Type: Commercial/Military Stranded Copper, Color Code: Yellow, Wire Strip Length: 1/2 IN, Tongue Angle: Straight