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By Killark 

Catalog ID: XCS-0B4-U

By Killark
Catalog ID:  XCS-0B4-U
XCS Series - Aluminum Momentary Contact Double Push Button Cover With Device - Green Button With "Start" Nameplate - Red Button With "Stop"Nameplate - 2NO/2NC Contact Rating
  • Copper free cast aluminum alloy.
  • Ground flange joint between bolted cover and box provide required flame path.
  • Push button, selector switches and pilot light operator bodies are copper-free aluminum.
  • Operating shaft in both push buttons and selector switches are stainless steel.

Killark XCS SERIES CONTROL STATION Control Stations provide control solutions in hazardous location areas to supply; START/STOP Motor Functions, LED Pilot Light Indications and more. Utilized in Class 1 Division 1 & 2, Class 1 Zone 1 & 2 areas for indoor use are a Non-Factory Sealed unit requiring the need for a conduit seal fitting. UL Listed and CSA Certified.

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