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HQS-050 ML

By Killark 

Catalog ID: HQS-050 ML

By Killark
Catalog ID:  HQS-050 ML
HQS Hawke EXpress 50ml Quick Sealing Compound for the MC2X series
  • Two part epoxy resin is pushed through a patented static mixing wedge
  • Simple and easy set-up as there is no mixing required
  • Each cartridge comes with 4 patented static mixing nozzles to form a perfect mix
  • Cartridge dispensing guns and spare nozzles are available as ordering options

Hawke EXpress resin is an alternative quick sealing compound used extensively as a sealing method for the MC2X cable gland series. It is a two part epoxy resin that is self-mixed when pushed through a patented static mixing nozzle and creates a barrier between an electrical system and the cable. The HQS series requires no mixing, measuring, stirring, or pumping prior to pouring.

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