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Strobe MFLA5 - Austdac

By Austdac Pty Ltd 

Catalog ID: MFLA5

By Austdac Pty Ltd
Catalog ID:  MFLA5
The emergency strobe type MFLA5 is a small explosion protected Ex ia LED based battery powered self-flashing strobe designed to be used in evacuation applications in hazardous areas such as underground coalmines. These applications include but are not limited to the indication of emergency egress routes and the marking of refuge chamber and oxygen rescuer cache locations.The MFLA5 emergency strobe is designed to be installed in long cable strings or daisy chains spaced at 50 to 100 metres apart. The strobes are connected by a single pair cable that carries a control voltage that holds the emergency strobes in the off state. If this control voltage is removed or the cable is damaged the individual strobes will start flashing. The power for the strobe is derived from its internal battery.The internal batteries have sufficient capacity to allow the emergency strobes to flash for several months. In the off state the batteries will last for two years before requiring change out.The control voltage input to each strobe is optically coupled ensuring that a fault in one emergency strobe does not affect the operation of other strobes in the daisy chain.The power consumption of each control input is about 2.5mA, making a typical daisy chain consume less than 100mA. The control input has a wide operating voltage range of 8 to 28 volts.The low power consumption coupled with the wide control input voltage range allows strings of emergency strobes to be controlled directly from the surface by a suitable power supply or zener barrier.The emergency strobe enclosure is fitted with a hole in each sidewall to allow cable glands to be fitted for the control signal cable. The emergency strobe is available in five colours red, yellow, white, green and blue allowing the end user to select a colour best suited for the application.