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By Gleason Reel 

Collection Name:  ToolAssistPRO™

Catalog ID: W5S-SK

By Gleason Reel
Collection Name:  ToolAssistPRO™
Catalog ID:  W5S-SK
Manual Boom Stop, For 50 Lb Capacity

Many people want the flexibility a swing boom provides but need to limit swing in one or both directions. The boom stop has manually positioned (screw-in) stops that limit swing to 15º, 30º, 45º, or 60º in either direction. Stops are easily installed on 50 lb. capacity swing booms without drilling or welding.

  • It supports the swing boom on the 50 pound capacity tool jib.
  • Hex stops on the mounting plate may be adjusted to limit boom swing to 15O, 30O, 45O or 60O in either direction (total swings of 30O, 60O. 90O & 120O). With no hex stops installed the boom will swing 90O in either direction
  • Only standard wrenches are required for installation.

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