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Curie Elite LED (CUEE - Standard & Emergency)

By Chalmit Lighting 
By Chalmit Lighting
The Curie Elite is a recessed luminiare specifically designed for use in solid or modular ceiling types. With an equivalent performance to the fluorescent models, the Curie Elite now provides all the long life benefits associated with LED in a familiar housing.The luminaire is SOLAS B15 approved and suitable for use in offshore accommodation modules for both task and emergency lighting. The range is flexible to allow luminaires to be recessed into either plasterboard and modular (600x600mm & 600x1200mm) ceiling types.
  • Fully maintainable with replaceable LED strips and driver.
  • Resistant to voltage fluctuations.
  • Highly Energy Efficient.
  • B15 SOLAS fire rating.

The Curie Elite LED range of Zone 1 is designed for use in OIndustrial & Gas and Marine environments where it provides working, recessible emergency and escape lighting. Click the 'Contact Us' link above to get in touch with us and discuss how the Curie Elite LED range could work for you.