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Strain Clamp, Quadrant, Static Wire Deadend


Catalog ID: SWDE84S

Catalog ID:  SWDE84S
"Bolted Stud Connectors, Connecting Stud to Cable, Stud Dia./Thd.- 1-1/4”-12,Conductor Range: AAC-600-900 MCM, ACSR- 556.5-795 MCM, Dia.- 0.870”-1.108”, Material: Castings- Aluminum Alloy, Hardware- Aluminum Alloy"
  • "Type SWDE is designed for single cable
  • The Sag Eye Ultimate Strength is 60% of the Ultimate Body Strength without fitting
  • Rated slip strength as a % of conductor RBS varies with conductor type, size, and stranding. Minimum slip strength rating on standard strength conductors is 40% RBS (Partial Tension). For many standard strength conductors, minimum slip strength of this clamp series is 60% RBS (Normal Tension). Consult factory for slip strength test data on specific clamp and conductor combinations
  • Bolt and Nut may be substituted for clevis pin by adding suffix "BNK" to catalog number. Example: SWDE84SCBNK
  • Bolt and clevis pin will be the same diameter
  • The "S" suffix indicates the component will come supplied with clevis eye SA07"

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