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NUB750-4I Transformer Stud mount Connector Aluminum Mechanical


Catalog ID: NUB750-4I

Catalog ID:  NUB750-4I
Stud-mount transformer connectors, slip-fit with patented sharkbite™ mount
  • Connector fabricated from 6061-T6 aluminum alloy for conductivity and strength.
  • Supplied with aluminum radial-tipped set screws.
  • Includes inhibitor in all ports and stud-mounting hole.
  • Patented two-in-one Sharkbite™ mounting hole feature allows the connector to fit on a 5/8” - 11 or 1” - 14 transformer stud. Both sizes fit in the same hole.
  • Sharkbite™ mounting hole feature provides 10 times the surface area contact on the stud over traditional connectors.
  • The Sharkbite™ feature also securely locks the connector onto the stud to eliminate wobble when installing the conductors.
  • Fully tested to ANSI C119.4 for Class ‘A’ connectors.