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Radiation Resistant Insulated Ring Terminal For 16 - 14 AWG

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YAES14K53

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YAES14K53
Radiation Resistant Insulated Ring Terminal For 16 - 14 AWG.


Features: The Type YAES-K, Radiation Resistant KYNAR Insulated Terminals Are Designed And Have Been Tested To Meet The Requirements For Class 1E Critical Circuits As Set By The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC), Additional Testing For Compatibility Under Loss Of Coolant Accident (LOCA) Conditions With Cross-Link Polyethylene (XLP) And HYPALON Insulations Was Completed Successfully, Compatibility With Ethylene Propylene Rubber (EPR) Insulation Was Determined By Analysis, Each Terminal Is Manufactured Of Pure Electrolytic Copper Per QQ-C 576 And Bright Tin-Plated Per MIL-T-10727 And Meets Or Exceeds SAE-AS7928 Using Stranded Copper AWG Wire, The KYNAR Insulation Offers 200 Megarad Radiation Resistance, The Type YAES-K Radiation Resistant KYNAR - Insulated Terminals Are Suitable For Class 1E Critical Circuits And Non-Critical Nuclear Associated Applications, KYNAR Insulation: Provides 200 Megarad Radiation ResistancePlus Successfully Tested For Insulation Compatibility, An Integral One-Piece Copper Barrel/Insulation Grip And Wire Strain Relief Design: Provides Improved Physical Strength Characteristics Over A Multi-Piece Design, The KYNAR Insulation Is Locked In Place: The Insulation Will Not Move Or Twist Off, Thereby Maintains Proper Dielectric Values, Manufactured From Pure Electrolytic Copper: Provides Maximum Conductivity, Low Resistance And Ductility For Excellent Crimp Forming Properties, Bright Tin-Plated Per Mil-T-10727: Provides Durable Long-Lasting Resistance To Corrosion, Deep Inner Barrel Serrations: Provides Excellent Electrical Conductivity And Tensile Strength Values, Brazed Seam: Provides A Stronger Barrel Design To Minimize Any Possible Splitting And Eliminates Folding, Smooth Funnel Entry: Easy Wire Insertion, Color Coded Terminals: Provides Easy Wire Size Identification And Inspection, Coded Raised Dots In The Die Area Of The Connection After Compression: Provides Visual Identification That The Correct Tool And Die Were Used For Proper Installation, Inspection Hole: Permits Visual Check For Proper Wire Insertion, Ring Tongue Design: Provides A Secure Termination Under Screw Head That Cannot Be Removed Without The Complete Removal Of The Screw