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By Burndy 

Catalog ID: WCB10

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  WCB10
Wejtap Assembly , Installed With Blue Booster,Run:.482-.316, Tap:.437-.257.

Features: WEJTAP Connectors Use An Aluminum Alloy Wedge That Is Power-Driven Between The Run And The Tap Cables Locking Them Into A C Shaped Tempered Aluminum Alloy Spring-Body, The Spring-Body Maintains Consistent Pressure Throughout The Life Of The Connection To Ensure Reliability During Severe Electrical And Climatic Conditions, The Wedges Wiping Action Combined With Factory Installed PENTX 1530 Provides Superior Contact Integrity, The Wedge Is Automatically Locked Onto The Spring-Body By A Skiving Action Produced By A Lance At The Forward End Of The WEJTAP Installation Tool, Installed With Blue Booster, Conductor Type: Run: ACSR, AAC, Tap: ACSR, AAC, Copper, Cable Diameter Range: 0.795 - 0.621 IN, Cable Diameter Range (run): 0.482 - 0.316 IN, Cable Diameter Range (tap): 0.437 - 0.257 IN, Conductor Size (run - Mm): 8 - 12 SQ-MM, Conductor Size (tap - Mm): 7 - 11 SQ-MM, Installation Tool: WTRB, Booster: WPBB Box 25, Color Code: Blue

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