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Vibration Damper


Catalog ID: 6071018

Fargo® 4-R stockbridge vibration dampers effectively prevent fatigue damage to conductor and static wires caused by wind-induced aeolian vibration. The 4-R concept improves on the design of the basic Stockbridge Damper, significantly increasing the efficiency of converting wind-induced energy into heat. The improved design employs unequal weights on messengers of unequal length. This configuration doubles the number of resonant peaks from two generated by the old-style Stockbridge Damper to four in the improved Fargo® 4-R. These additional resonant peaks create an envelope of dynamic response that protects the conductor through the entire range of dangerous vibration frequencies.

  • Messenger Cable: Materials and stranding are selected to obtain the best energy absorption characteristics. The galvanized steel messenger is manufactured to rigid engineering standards.
  • Clamp: The bolted clamp permits easy installation on a wide range of conductor sizes. Aluminum clamping bolt ensures that damper clamp remains tight as conductor temperature changes with current load cycling.
  • Weights: Uniquely shaped so that the resonant peaks are effectively distributed over the desired frequency range. All weights are given a corrosion-resistant finish and have smooth surfaces and rounded edges to eliminate possible corona discharge.
  • To specify Torque Head/Break Away bolt option, add suffix "O" to catalog number. Example: 6071018O.
  • The conductor/cable size range limits are recommended. Physical clamp range may be slightly larger.
  • To conduct a vibration study, please consult factory or use the Fargo® 4-R Damper Application Software.

Product Details


Bolt Installation Torque (Recommended) 40 ft-lbs
Material - Clamp Aluminum
Material - Hardware Aluminum
Style 4R Stockbridge Damper


Clamping - Maximum 1.755 in
Clamping - Minimum 1.17 in
Diameter - Bolt 0.5 in
Weight 9.4 lb

Electrical Ratings

Voltage Application Standard Voltage/EHV

Conductor Related

Clamping Range 1.17- 1.755


Pallet Quantity 144 EA