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Uninsulated Parallel Splice For 10,380 - 26,813 cmils

By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YSM6C

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YSM6C
Copper Compression Parallel Splice, 10380-26813 Circular Mil, 0.44" Splice Length, Short Barrel, Tin Plated.


Features: HYLINK Type YSM Seamless Parallel Splice Connector Permits Wires To Be Laid Parallel Inside The Connector And Spliced Together With BURNDYs Compression HYTOOL, Each YSM Connector Accommodates A Wide Combination Of Round, Square, And Rectangular Copper Conductors That Have A Total Combined Circular Mil Area, The Conductors To Be Spliced Must Physically Fit Within Title Splice Without Being Forced, Wire Strip Length: 1/2 IN, Tools, Die Nest Catalog Number, Die Indentor Catalog Number: HYPRESS: Y35BH, Y39BH Tool, UV6L Die Nest, Y35P Indentor Adapter, Installation Tool: Ratchet: MR4CQ, Y1MRTC Tool, Mechanical, HYTOOL: MY29-11 or MY28 Tool, (1)

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