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By Burndy 

Catalog ID: YDS6W

By Burndy
Catalog ID:  YDS6W
HYSPLICE Single Sleeve Full Tension Splice, Accommodates Wire: #6 Cu Sol (Hard, Medium, or Soft Drawn), Die Index: 161, Made of copper tubing, Installed with standard tools and dies.

Features: YDS-W Is Designed To Develop Full Rated Breaking Strength Of Hard Drawn And Medium Hard Drawn Solid Copper Conductor, Made Of Pure Copper Tubing, Installed With Standard Tooling, Die Index: 161 Element A, Conductor Type: Solid Copper, Tools, Die Set Catalog Number, And (number Of Crimps): MD7, MD6 Tool, W161 Die, (2), Y35, Y750 Tool, U161 Die, (1), Y45 Tool, U Die With Adapter PT-6515, Y46 Tool, U Die With Adapter PUADP-1