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1 Ton Regular Handle Nylon-Strap Ratchet Hoist

By multiple brands 

Catalog ID: PSC3090323

By CHANCE Foundation Solutions
Catalog ID:  PSC3090323
Every CHANCE Chain Hoist is proof-tested and factory-operated at 150% of capacity rating
  • Always use with insulated link sticks of appropriate length
  • Plastisol cap on handle end for rubber glove work
  • Hotstick rings on hooks and latches
  • 1-Ton models use single-strap which allows for 5'9" Standard lift distance
  • 27" minimum between hooks

Designed with special features, both 1-ton and 2-ton hoists offer a choice of two handle options for utility maintenance and construction. For rubber-glove work, select hoist with plastisol cap on handle end and for operation by hot-line tools, select hoist with swivel eye on handle end. All models have hot-stick rings on hooks and latches.

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EU RoHS Indicator