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Maintenance & Repair

"H.M." Dry Film Lubricant

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002335
Chance Dry Film Tool Lubricant is offered as a lubricant for all bearing surfaces, sliding and threaded, of Chance Hot Line Tools, Construction Tools and Pole Line Hardware.

"H.M." Epoxiglas Plug Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4000730
The Chance Epoxiglas Plug Kit replaces adhesive coated wood plugs.

"H.M." Epoxy Refinishing Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002365
The items contained in this kit are essential for the care and maintenance of Epoxiglas® tools and insulated boom sections of aerial lift trucks.

"H.M." Epoxy Sand Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: H1921
This kit contains the necessary ingredients to replace sand finish on one 10' ladder.

"H.M." Epoxyglas Bond Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: H1917
The Epoxiglas Bond Patching Kit can be used to repair small surface ruptures on Epoxiglas Hot Sticks, to install new ferrules on Epoxiglas poles, or to assist in replacing rungs on Epoxiglas Ladders.

"H.M." Gloss Restorer Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4001520
This kit consists of two parts. When mixed and applied to the surface of a cleaned Epoxiglas tool they combine to form a clear, tough coating that replaces the original gloss.

"H.M." Lubricant Spray

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002320
Developed to help keep line hose easy to put on and slide into place, this silicone material also serves as a multi-purpose lubricant.

"H.M." Moisture Eater II Wipes

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002538
Small pocket-size packets encourage frequent cleaning of insulated hot-line tools, line hose and rubber blankets. This helps utilities stay in compliance with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.269(j).