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Maintenance & Repair

"H.M." Dry Film Lubricant

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002335
Chance Dry Film Tool Lubricant is offered as a lubricant for all bearing surfaces, sliding and threaded, of Chance Hot Line Tools, Construction Tools and Pole Line Hardware.

"H.M." Epoxiglas Plug Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4000730
The Chance Epoxiglas Plug Kit replaces adhesive coated wood plugs.

"H.M." Epoxy Refinishing Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: C4002365
The items contained in this kit are essential for the care and maintenance of Epoxiglas® tools and insulated boom sections of aerial lift trucks.

"H.M." Epoxy Sand Kit

By CHANCE Utility  
Catalog ID: H1921
This kit contains the necessary ingredients to replace sand finish on one 10' ladder.