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15 kV, 110 kV BIL, Type C Loadbreak Polymer Cutout / Arrester Combination w/200A 12kAIC fuseholder

By CHANCE Utility 

Catalog ID: CP73EL143EB

By CHANCE Utility
Catalog ID:  CP73EL143EB
15 kV, 110 kV BIL, Loadbreak Type C Polymer Cutout / Arrester Combination with a 200A, 12kAIC fuseholder, small eyebolt connector and a NEMA "B" crossarm bracket.
  • Fully compliant with ANSI/IEEE C37.41 & C37.42 - 2016
  • Single Vent Solid Cap Design
  • Uses Universal Style Fuse Links
  • Synthetic Arc Quenching Fuse Holder Liner Material
  • ESP ( Enhanced Silicone Polymer ) Insulating Material
  • TDG ( Thermal Diffusion Galvanization ) Insulator Assembly Castings
  • Ohio Brass Distribution Class Arresters in Standard, Heavy and Riser Pole Duty Ratings
  • Non Interchangeable Mounting Assembly

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