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by USCO 

The AGCH5V is a two-insulator, side opening outdoor air disconnect switch constructed primarily of aluminum. Operation is accomplished by the rotation of two insulators in a low profile base design. Unique construction methods through years of field experience, coupled with simple design concepts provide ease of installation as well as long-term dependability.

  • Welded Lamination Design
  • Low Profile Design
  • Great for Direct Pole Mount Configurations

Product Details


  • The AGCH5V is commonly used in threephase line or substation applications such as transformer or line disconnecting, breaker isolating, bypassing or bus sectionalizing.
  • The narrow mounting footprint makes the unit versatile for direct pole configurations as well.
  • Operation of the AGCH5V may be accomplished by either manual control or by motor operator.


Installation/Instruction Manual (IOM)