GSBK_Model P41-3408 with series 550 valve_PRODIMAGE
GSBK_Model P41-3408 with series 550 valve_PRODIMAGE

EFV Model P41 with SERIES 550


Gas Breaker

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EFV #P41 1/2" CTS .090 3408, 12" LONG, SERIES 550

GasBreaker is the world's leading automatic safety valve for gas service lines. Our EFV activates instantly on line ruptures, automatically resetting after repairs. Easy installation, seamless integration, and tamper-proof design ensure unparalleled reliability. Trust our UL Listed solution for smooth operations and peace of mind. Compatible with steel or plastic fittings and piping materials from most manufacturers

  • Work with the flow of natural gas as the sensing source
  • Activate when a line rupture causes an excess flow condition
  • Automatically reset and resume normal operation after repairs are made using a slight gas bypass to re-pressurize the line. Install in minutes with standard tools
  • Operate within your normal service line sizing requirements to avoid tripping by snap-acting loads
  • Higher capacity EFVs can accommodate future increases in gas loads.
  • Maintain stability under turbulent flow conditions by using a unique, dynamically balanced float
  • Available for virtually all pressures and service line capabilities
  • In-line installation makes them tamper-proof
  • Can be fabricated with fitting and piping materials from most manufacturers

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1/2" CTS .090 3408, 12" LONG

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PE Polyethylene (3408/4710)



12 in