PS, IEC, CONN, 2-Pole 3-Wire, 60A 550V DC, MAT MOD


Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems

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PS, IEC, CONN, 2-Pole 3-Wire, 60A 550V DC, MAT MOD

Data Center DC Rated Pin and Sleeve Devices - In today’s environmentally conscious world, energy savings is a pinnacle part of going green. DC (Direct Current) is being used to reduce power consumption and decrease the amount of infrastructure needed to energize specific types of data center equipment. Electrical devices provide a means of connecting DC power. Hubbell is the first manufacturer to introduce a series of IEC Pin and Sleeve devices configured for the UL1686 eight o’clock ground position for DC voltage (Disconnecting use only). Hubbell’s IEC DC rated pin and sleeve line has been qualified by UL to the requirements of DC voltage. The thermoset polyester contact carrier provide high resistance to electrical tracking, it withstands higher temperatures for this type of demanding application. The solid one-piece pins are machined from solid brass for longer life and reliable electrical contact. In addition, the heavy-duty external cord grips provide maximum cord retention to maintain secure terminations. Finally, the super tough, color coded, non-conductive V-0 rated PBT housing is heavy duty for safety and protecting the internal components.

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  • Electrical - Current Interrupting - Certified for current interrupting at full rated current
  • Electrical - Dielectric Voltage - Withstand 3000V AC
  • Electrical - Max. Working Voltage - 600V RMS
  • Environmental - Flammability - HB or better per UL 94 or CSA C22.2 No. 0.17
  • Environmental - Ingress Protection - IP67 Suitability
  • Environmental - Moisture Resistance - Watertight per IEC 60309-1
  • Environmental - Operating Temperatures - Maximum Continuous 75°C
  • Minimum - 40°C w/o impact
  • Mechanical - Impact Resistance - Per CSA C22.2 No. 182.1 / UL1682
  • Mechanical - Product Identification - Ratings are a permanent part of the device housing
  • Mechanical - Terminal Identification - Terminals identified in accordance with North American and IEC conventions


DC Rated


Standard Service


Watertight Connector Body



Electrical Ratings

Amperage Rating

60 A

Current / Amperage Rating

60 A

Voltage Rating

550 VDC

Voltage Rating Description

550 VDC

Conductor Related

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Certifications And Compliance

Industry Standard(s)

  • CSA Certified File LR280C
  • UL Classified to IEC 60309-1 IEC 60309-2
  • UL Listed, File E146033