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Hubbell® uses a sustainable approach to assist you in maintaining our environment. Our systems are manufactured from 100% recycled steel, our packaging uses unbleached cardboard, and both packaging and labels are made from recycled material. MillCerts are available upon request to supplement recyclable content information to achieve LEED credits. Hubbell® Premise Wiring wiring systems are supported by our MISSION CRITICAL®, the most robust 25-year warranty on the market. With a commitment to quality that spans more than a century, Hubbell continually develops innovative solutions that improve the performance and reliability of today's enterprise networks while supporting tomorrow's applications.

Our warranty MISSION CRITICAL® of 25 years, third-party testing, our leadership in standards and pioneering patent position all demonstrate our dedication to developing the best-in-class products that have come to be expected from Hubbell by Hubbell's industry. This includes our latest system NEXTSPEED® Ascent Category 6A combines innovation and reliability, exceeding both TIA and ISO component specifications.

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