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About Us

Who We Are



Wiegmann has a tradition of quality that is not only apparent in its products but that is also recognized via its superior operation, reliable performance, and dependable service. This is what distinguishes Wiegmann from the rest of the competition! In today's fast pace, lean environment, its about flexibility, focus and the relentless pursuit of listening to the customer.

Wiegmann understands that you have a choice in selecting an enclosure supplier and we are pleased you have selected Wiegmann as your partner. Being a buying group partner allows us to share our resources to help you grow sales, maintain superior service, showcase new products, minimize transaction costs, and increase profitability.

As a tier one manufacturer, Wiegmann is set up to provide a wide variety of materials from carbon steel, galvanized, stainless, aluminum, and painted. Today’s customer requires a wide array of special colors and that’s why Wiegmann offers an option of over 200 special colors “in polyester powder”. Wiegmann’s long history of OEM support stems from a cornerstone that founded our business: specials! Whether it’s punching, tapping, studs, size, channel iron, sub floors, weather hoods, special materials...you name it, Wiegmann does it!