Hygienic Washdown Enclosures

Discover Wiegmann’s new hygienic enclosures designed for uncompromised contamination safety. They stand up to rigorous washdowns and minimize bacteria growth by shedding water and contaminants. Ensure the highest level of protection for your electronic components in sanitary environments.

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Wiegmann Hygienic Enclosures
Wiegmann Hygienic Enclosures

IP69 Rated

IP69 goes beyond NEMA 4 and 4x. Able to withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdowns and harsh chemicals during cleaning. Stainless steel construction and nonporous gasketing provide superior protection in challenging environments.

Watch how the hygienic enclosures perform during a wash down

Full protection against ingress


Completely dirt and dust tight


Withstands temperatures up to 176°F/80°C


Withstands washdown pressures of 1,450 PSI

Application & Markets

Our new wall-mount enclosure design eliminates catch points where water and bacteria can collect, allowing faster sanitizing in variety of applications.


Food and beverage processing


Chemical manufacturing


Water and waste treatment


Pharmaceutical applications


Petrochemical plants


Industrial, OEM, and more…

Key features for maximum safety

New hygienic washdown enclosures provide the highest level of protection with these features.

Hygienic Enclosures Sloped Top

Sloped surfaces shed water and contaminants

The design sheds water for optimal safety. The sloped surface ensures proper drainage of residual liquid and protects against contamination.

Hygienic Enclosures Gasket

Waterproof with solid silicone gasket seals

Nonporous, solid silicone gasket seals are completely waterproof. The blue color shows bacteria under black light. High-performance mechanical seals have outstanding resistance to extreme temperatures.

Hygienic Enclosures Flexible Install

Quick, flexible installation with reversible doors, internal hinges, and mounting standoffs

Easy to install or adjust! Our convenient reversible door design opens in either direction. The hinges are internal to eliminate contamination points. Optional standoffs for wall mounting are easy to install and provide wash space behind. Internal mounting points remain accessible even with panels installed.

Explore hygienic enclosure product categories

Custom size wall-mount enclosures are available along with a wide range of standard sizes.

Hygienic Enclosures

Hygienic enclosures

Rugged washdown enclosures in a variety of sizes accommodate any need.

Hygienic Enclosures Accessories

Hygienic accessories

Interior panels for mounting electronic components and controls come in both painted and stainless steel.

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