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Harsh Environments

Designed to house and protect electrical and electronic components from harsh, dirty environments



These are demanding environments requiring the maximum enclosure protection for the electrical components housed inside the enclosure. Some examples of this environment are areas where corrosive materials are present, areas that are very or are constantly wet from water or other liquids, along the coast line or located at sea, areas always exposed to the elements – to name just a few. Industries Wiegmann enclosures are used extensively in are Oil/Gas, Water/Waste Water Treatment, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, military Firing Ranges, Car Washes, Packaging Equipment, various Factory Installations, Coal and other Mining, Department of Transportation, Process Automation, Subway projects, and many other applications where a harsh environment is present. Typical ratings for enclosures in these areas are Type 4X where corrosion is a concern and Type 4 where the main concern in foreign matter such as liquids not penetrating into the interior of the enclosure. For locations in harsh environments, Wiegmann has the enclosure protection to satisfy the harshest specifications.