Drive Enclosure Systems

Designed to control the environment that surrounds the variable frequency drive



Drives (a.k.a. VFD’s) are used to monitor and/or control various equipment and are integrated with other components depending on the application they are being used for. The drive and other electrical components need to be protected and mounted inside an enclosure in the majority of installations. This usually requires an integrator to buy an off the shelf enclosure and apply many hours of labor to make the cutouts and mounting holes just to install the drive – before any wiring or programming can be done. Wiegmann is the only enclosure manufacturer with a value added N3R and N4 rated drive protection that are stocked as standard catalog products. And these come with the cutouts and mounting holes already provided for drives with external heat sync’s, any required AC units or fans and right flange disconnect handles. Other accessories are also available with these drive enclosure units from Wiegmann. Some of the applications the Drive System is used for is irrigation, pump and well control, flow monitoring, machinery harmonization, environmental monitoring and controlling (heating/cooling), factory integration and automation – to name just a few.