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By Hadar Lighting 
By Hadar Lighting
HDN106N in comparison to typical floodlights weighs 60% less, consumes 50% less power and is easy to install( One man installation). It produces a penetrating white light which never degrades even at low temperatures. It has a Photocell option available. With the LED technology used, it gives a predicted lamp life of 10+ years.
  • Modular construction allows the modules to be supplied interlinked with each other to provide greater light output.
  • Can be used as a single unit – small floodlight or bulkhead or linked together to replicate a large 250W/400W floodlight.
  • Each module utilises 48 off 1.2W LED’s.
  • Integrated power supply.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Rugged construction – resistant to vibration.
  • Independently photometrically tested.
  • All units supplied with 2 cable entries.
  • IP66 and IP67.
  • Optional wired guard available for extra protection.
  • Infra red variants available (for use with security cameras).
  • Wide, medium and narrow beam light output available.
  • Multiple mounting options available.
  • Emergency variant available soon.
  • Optional PE Photocell available.

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Product Details


Lamp Type
  • 24 x 0.94W LEDs
  • 48 x 0.94W LEDs
  • 96 x 0.94W LEDs
  • 144 x 0.94 LEDs
Operating Temperature Range Celcius -20°C to +50°C
Style Floodlight
Type Floodlight

Certifications and Compliance

  • IP66
  • IP67

Resources and Downloads

Photometry (20)

Product Name Color Temp CRI Lumens Lm/W Watts Dist. Type Resources
Photometric File | HDN106N0xMxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N0xNxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N0xWxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N0xXxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N1xMxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N1xMxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N1xNxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N1xWxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N1xXxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N2xMxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N2xNxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N2xWxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N2xXxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N3xMxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N3xNxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N3xWxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N3xXxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N4xNxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N4xWxWx04
Photometric File | HDN106N4xXxWx04