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Distillery Lighting - LED

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Chalmit has worked extensively specifying hazardous area and industrial solutions for distillery projects. Our cutting-edge design luminaires ensure high-quality and low-maintenance lighting solutions that last.

Download our Distillery Industry catalogue, and discover our work in the industry and featured products, below.


Chalmit distilleries Catalogue Cover

Download our Distillery Industry catalogue featuring a range of products dedicated to distillery applications, and a full project list




Four of our most popular Distillery LED luminaires


Chalmit Protecta LED lighting

Protecta III LED Industrial

The Protecta range of linear LED light fittings has a reputation for reliability, durability and value. The Protecta III LED Industrial has been updated with new features and benefits, making it even easier to maintain and even more energy efficient.



The NexLED bulkhead luminaire is a high output LED lighting solution emitting a cool, white light. A compact and versatile luminaire, the NexLED can be mounted on ceilings, walls or handrails, making it ideal for walkways or restricted height areas.

Chalmit Sterling LED lighting

Sterling III

The new version of the Sterling series, Sterling III, is even lighter and with a longer lifetime than its predecessors. The Sterling III is cost-effective, easily maintained, and meets the demands of the competitive Industrial market.



The Arran LED is a sleek, highly efficient and long-lasting floodlight solution. With its cool white light output and practically maintenance-free design, it is ideal for distillery applications.





LED lights are praised for their efficiency and longevity, making them a more eco-friendly alternative to conventional luminaire fittings.


Chalmit Products Specified at Sweetdram Distillery

Chalmit are proud to have been specified on a number of distillery projects, and boast collaboration with some of the biggest market players in the UK. Our project list includes specification for distillery owners such as Diageo, MacCallan, William Grant & Sons and Chivas. See our Sterling and NexLED fittings in operation below, in Sweetdram Distillery's bright and modern facilities.

Still outside distillery


Download our free catalogue, below, for more information about our dedicated product range, as well as a complete list of our projects.



LED Colour Temperatures


Chalmit delivers LED lighting in various colour temperatures, ensuring the desired ambiance for any distillery application. Be it crisp, white light for clear illumination in still rooms and offices, or a softer, warm illumination for a snug, intimate feel in warehouses and tasting rooms, Chalmit delivers. Our LED luminaires are available in colour temperatures ranging from cool, clear 6000K white to a warmer 3000K white.

Discover our full range of LED luminaires, below.



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Hazards in Distillation Processes


Distilleries can be hazardous areas due to the flammable nature of the raw materials and the final product. Initially, the malt grain brought in for milling can create flammable dust clouds, and when the spirits are finally produced, the ethanol solutions are highly flammable. Explosive ethanol vapour might also escape from tanks, casks or transfer pumps, creating hazardous areas where care must be taken to ensure safe working environments.

Chalmit's explosion proof and flameproof luminaires are ideal for any distillery application. With ATEX and IECEx certifications, our lighting solutions ensure hazardous areas remain illuminated and safe.

Whisky casks lined up


Beverage Distillation in the UK

Distilled beverages are responsible for a significant share of UK domestic and international trade. Scotch whisky accounts for around 20% of all UK food and drink exports, meaning 41 bottles were shipped out of the country each second in 2018. Due to the current gin boom, the value of gin sold by manufacturers in the UK was almost doubled between 2009 and 2015, and more than 66 million bottles of gin were sold in the UK during 2018!

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