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Protecta X Webinar

Our Senior Lighting Specialist, Ken Eddleston, presents a live webinar on our Protecta X, our latest in LED lighting technology and innovation.

Don’t worry if you missed it, read on below to find out key takeaways, and watch a recording of the webinar.

5 Key takeaways from the Protecta X Webinar

  1. The Protecta X is compact, lightweight and can offer better performance than traditional linear luminaires.
    The design of the Protecta X challenges the conventional look of linear lights. The size and weight of the luminaire was reduced, without impacting on the expected linear performance.
    Increased performance and targeted output can help reduce the number of fittings required on a project.

  2. A variety of distributions are offered to suit different applications.
    Varied optics are available with the Protecta X. By selecting the appropriate optic for the task/application, you could potentially reduce the typical linear quantities required over a project.

  3. Unique design focusses on getting the most out of new LED technology.
    The Protecta X was designed around specialised LEDs. Separation of the wings and driver enclosure ensures the thermals are kept to a minimum and achieve an incredible 120,000 hours maintenance free lifespan at 25c.

  4. The Protecta X Emergency offers an intelligent solution with an externally accessible, hot swappable battery.
    Battery management and automatic self test features are built into the Protecta X Emergency to ensure you achieve the battery lifetime and meet the expected EM durations. The unique, hot swappable, battery helps reduce maintenance costs and downtime, and allows you to replace it whilst the luminaire is energised.
    Emergency fittings can also be ordered without the battery stick, meaning that if there is a prolonged period between installation and power up, you can avoid the risk of the batteries falling into an unrecoverable deep discharge state. Batteries can simply be purchased and installed at a later date.

  5. Reduced Total Cost of Ownership And Operating Expenses.
    The reduced power consumption of each fitting, the increased lifetimes, and the fewer luminaires required all contribute to phenomenal long term cost savings across a project.


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