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Are you ready for the next generation in LED technology? Click the link below to arrange a meeting with a member of our team at OTC 2019 or to be the first to receive our catalogue when we launch.



Breaking The Mould

For over 50 years, traditional 2ft and 4ft linear luminaires have dominated lower level lighting applications in hazardous and industrial areas. The linear shape of the enclosures was dictated by the size and shape of the fluorescent lamps they originally housed. The same shape is still in use now, but why? Retrofit some LEDs into linear enclosure and a user will be able to reap all the benefits of LED, won’t they? The truth is, they won’t.To reap all of the benefits of LED, you have to design the luminaire around them.

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The next generation of LED lighting

Chalmit’s largest ever investment in product development, the Protecta X is the result of:

  • Cutting edge design ideas

  • Team and skill set collaboration

  • Extensive research

See how LED is meant to be.




Meet The Team

  • Ken_Eddleston

    Kenneth Eddleston

  • PaoloCamillo

    Paolo Camillo

  • Michael_Truswell

    Michael Truswell

  • James Ellerker

    James Ellerker

  • Mark Poutney

    Mark Poutney

  • GarethTurner

    Gareth Turner


Throughout the conceptualisation, design and development of the Protecta X, these members of our brilliant team worked together to bring the next generation of LED lighting to the market. Three designers, alongside our Lighting Product Manager and Head of Product Development, worked with a dedicated Project Manager overseeing each stage. Individually, each contributed their own vast skills and expertise. Collectively, our project team are proud to bring you the Protecta X, coming in 2019.



The Protecta X. Launching 6th May 2019

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