Cable Fault Locating Course

Although cables are built to last, faults remain inevitable due to excessive moisture, corrosive environments, overheating, and aging. This course will help customers learn how to operate a wide range of cable fault locators using the most innovative TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) techniques and best portable contact thumper the market has to offer. It will also focus on ways to reduce fault location time and allow for quick sectionalizing of faulted loop feed URD (Underground Residential Distributions).

Training is usually held over the course of 3 days.

Learn How To

  1. Isolate faulted sections using advanced sectionalizing techniques
  2. Locate and interpret cable faults with TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) waveforms on radial and loop feed systems
  3. Pinpoint cable faults with Ballistic and Acoustic Listening Devices (FlashPhone)
  4. Verify integrity of cable insulation

Relevant Products

  1. Portable cable fault locator systems (5250 seriesX-Wave)
  2. Truck-mount thumpers (CF series)
  3. Fault location radars and accessories (TDR seriesHVC seriesWB20CB open/short locator)

Cable Fault Locating Course

Cable Fault Locating

Cable Fault Locating: As the industry pioneer in cable and wire testing, Hipotronics remains the premier supplier for all your testing needs. That’s one reason why our professionals are your go-to people for training in this area. Read More.