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Where space is limited, less is more!

MORE applications; MORE wire capacity; MORE user-friendly.

Our most complete offering of motor controllers with superior horsepower ratings now feature open switches in a significantly more compact design allowing for an easier installation in a standard FD box while maintaining the great performance of its legacy product.

The new non-enclosed switches can be used in almost any industrial environment, they are an ideal component switch for motor control being suitable to use as a motor disconnect. Toggle switches can be built into equipment and enclosures for either box or panel-mount installation.

The enclosed Circuit-Lock®️ family of products offered in Type 1, 3 and 3R enclosures now uses this new switch and continues to offer the same outstanding quality, reliability and features.


  • Minimum 6,000 cycles
  • Up to 20HP rating
  • 10kA SCCR when protected by 60A RK5 fuse
  • Certified to CSA (UL) 60947-4-1


  • Thermoset body provides high resistance to electrical arc tracking
  • Strong ON/OFF action with quick-make, slow break operation
  • Optional side finger guards for close wall applications and finger safe environments
  • Four large silver alloy contacts per pole have excellent conductivity with maximum longevity
  • Lubrication-free controller with continued ON/OFF cycling even in harsh, dust and high heat environments


Agricultural Irrigation

Industrial Fans

Food and Beverage

General Construction