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By Hubbell Control Solutions 
By Hubbell Control Solutions
Hubbell Control Solutions' DLC7 is the ideal system for providing continuous dimming control for 2-wire 0-10V dimming ballasts based on natural daylight. This control maintains constant, undisturbed, fluorescent light levels during peak use times. Through continuous monitoring of ambient light levels, the DLC7 dims the associated lighting fixtures to a user's predefined foot-candle setting. The DLC7 dimming photocell provides precise control of the actual amount of lighting on the work surface (e.g. desktop, floor) within its field of view. Measured light levels are converted into a linear, proportional, analog voltage that controls the ballast dimming range. This achieves maximum energy savings by efficiently blending natural and artificial light to maintain a comfortable visual environment. The sensor head adjustment sets the maximum output of the controlled ballast. The sensor also provides a short and long delay. The short delay provides faster sensor response. The long delay slows the sensor response and maintains a more stable signal to the ballast, such as in situations with passing clouds.
  • Controls 2-wire 0-10V dimming ballasts
  • Light-sensitivity range of 0-500 foot-candles
  • Selectable 3- or 8-second dimming rate
  • Multiple calibration options
  • Low-profile design
  • 2-year warranty

Product Details


  • Commerical Indoor
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Warehouse
Color White
Environmental Conditions Indoor
  • ETL
  • UL
  • UL 916
Mounting Type
  • Ceiling
  • Surface
Project Type
  • New Construction
  • Retrofit
Sensor Type Daylighting
Space Planning Stand-Alone Solutions
Technology Daylight Harvesting
  • Controls
  • Sensors

Electrical Ratings

Power Rating Low Voltage
Voltage Rating 10 VDC

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Stocked Items

Catalog Number UPC Product Description
Catalog Number DLC7 UPC 640181404619 Product Description CONT DIM DAYLT CTRL, 0-10V DIM BLSTS