Make solar project compression connections reliable and inspectable

The next generation compression insulation piercing connector (YIPC) from Burndy delivers high performance with high value.

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Meet the challenges of solar power head on

As demand for solar power grows, installations generating solar power are trending toward larger footprints and greater production capacity. However, scaling solar farm capacity also raises complexity. Costs associated with installation, operation, and maintenance increase. Field terrain and other factors can challenge photovoltaic module layouts, requiring flexibility for connecting these installations.

That’s why Burndy® created the compression flexible trunk solution (CFTS).

The new compression IPC changes everything

The cULus Listed wire connector design meets the solar standards requirements for electrical, mechanical, and environmental performance. This trunk bus solution combines the functionality of insulation piercing technology with the Burndy Engineered System.

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Why solar farms need the compression IPC

The compression flexible trunk solution, featuring the unique compression insulating piercing connector, delivers efficient and cost-effective installation therefore reducing your total costs while increasing safety and reliability. The savings scale with the size of your project.

Increase Safety

Flexible, efficient, and cost-effective installation

The flexible connection design installs anywhere you need it along the main/trunk conductor. Multi-tap ports reduce the total number of connections required, lowering your costs.

Lower Total Ownership Cost

Inspection and validation

Die embossing the bus size on the trunk bus cable insulation provides easy inspection. The T3 (track, trace, and transmit) data technology in the compression tool validates proper field installation and records the geographic location of each connection.

Optimize Cable Performance

Connection protection

Full perimeter gel seal makes the cover raintight, per UL 486D Sequence E. Strain relief protects the connection from stress and damage, helps maintain the seal, and secures the wires.

Products designed for solar

Burndy's products and services span the entire scope of the solar industry with solutions that help you install and use panels, arrays, collector systems, substations, and transmission systems.

High voltage test systems

Compression IPC

Eliminate the need for combiner boxes and home run conductor. Burndy's compression insulation piercing connector maximizes your labour and cost savings.

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T3 Technology Crimpers

Burndy's connectors, dies, and tools are designed to work together. The result is safe, easy, and inspectable connections that meet the most stringent quality standards.

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