Spartan Pole Series

Lowering Pole Adapter | Safe. Reliable. Accessible.

Easy and Safe Lighting Repair & Maintenance

Industrial facilities across the globe experience the labor intensive and time-consuming feat of replacing or retrofitting industrial light poles. Nearly 34% of electrical incidents are attributed to poor lighting on industrial sites. Killark is proud to introduce the Spartan Pole Series, the ideal solution to safely conduct light pole maintenance. Providing easy access to light stanchions, lowering the light to a serviceable level alleviates the need to rent or purchase expensive fall arrest or lift systems required to comply with OSHA/HSE working height standards.

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The Spartan Pole Series can be installed to most stanchion poles and has retrofit capabilities. Possessing a cam shaft design allowing effortless lowering, the Spartan Pole ensures no wire kinking with the smooth beveled stock and can be rotated 360° to accommodate the desired 90° bend if spacing is limited.

Area Classification

Suitable for use in Class I Div. 2 locations when installed in accordance to NEC 501
Suitable for use in wet locations


Hot Dipped Galvinzed Iron
316 Stainless Steel


Ethanol Plants
Chemical Facilities
Waste Water Facilities
Oil and Gas Refineries
Industiral Walkways