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Stage Pin Devices

The new Hubbell Stage Pin devices are ideal for theatrical lighting and power distribution in the film and television industry. Stage Pin devices are generally used to connect dimmers to stage lighting instruments and are also used to power other types of equipment as well.

Stage Pin devices are available in 20A, 60A, and 100A up to 250V ratings, in Inline and Panel mount configurations.

The Hubbell design incorporates components made from modern engineered materials in a device that is highly reliable, heat and impact resistant also solving many of the problems that end users voiced about this style of connection in the past.

The Hubbell design is completely compatible with the installed base of stage pin products used in the market.

Designed with super-tough, engineered thermoplastics, the new Stage Pin Devices are lightweight, easy to handle with an ergonomic shape, and simple and convenient to wire with removable contacts that snap into place.

The devices also offer an adjustable strain relief, with the ability to accommodate the widest cable range of any stage pin device while exceeding UL pull out requirements. Because these devices run cooler than the average stage pin device, they provide improved performance and a longer lifespan.




What Applications Use Stage Pin Connections?
  • Television/Film Lighting
  • Theatrical Lighting
  • Connections from power distribution and dimming equipment to stage lighting



Hubbell Stage Pin