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HC4275R2300, MagnifierDC™ Magnet Controller

By Hubbell Industrial Controls 

Catalog ID: HC4275R2300

By Hubbell Industrial Controls
Catalog ID:  HC4275R2300
MagnifierDC™, Solid State Magnet Controller, 350A, 300 VDC
  • Up to 4 sets of magnets, each magnet setup selectable via external contacts
  • Operable via LIFT/DROP Switch, Pushbuttons, Master Switch or Radio Control
  • Provides adjustable control of voltage and current for the full magnet operating cycle
  • Provides reduced energy consumption and cooler magnet operations via tailored holding current
  • Configurable Ethernet connection for customer read-only remote monitoring of all parameters, faults and operations
  • Provides Overcurrent (OC) setpoints and protection via alarms and trips
  • Instantaneous OC level operates digitally
  • Regen (Dump) system overvoltage protection operates digitally, with analog backup in case of CPU failure; Regen resistor continuously monitored for failure, regen circuit tested prior to every lift
  • Provides up to 6 differing control methods for Fanning / Dribble and single plate release (requires customer field adjustments and separately supplied operating pushbuttons or pilot devices)
  • Prevents, protects, alarms or monitors
  • Instantaneous and long-time overcurrent
  • Magnet (output) short circuit
  • System open circuit detection
  • Overhead Magnet (value per customer setpoint)
  • LIFT watchdog timer, adjustable Alarms only, based on time on in LIFT without a DROP operation
  • Heat sink overtemperature
  • 20 "Last Faults" recorded; without HMI attached*

Product Details


  • Steel Mill
  • Scrap Yard
Series MagnifierDC™ Magnet Controller
Type Solid-State

Electrical Ratings

Current / Amperage Rating 350 A
Operating Voltage 300 VDC

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