Heavy Industry / Mill Duty

Hubbell Industrial Controls specializes in products designed for use in harsh environments such as steel mills. Our products are rugged and durable to withstand tough, demanding conditions. With Hubbell you know you are getting the highest quality products. 

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Radio Control Systems

Hubbell Radio Control Systems move your cranes. Our radios use the latest synthesizer technology and GFSK modulation. Each system incorporates Listen Before Talk (LBT) transmission before communication is established.

Featured MagAC

MAGNIFIER AC™ Magnet Controller

Simply connect the AC power and the DC magnet to the MAGNIFIER AC™ and you’ll lift more material and move it faster. The results are improved efficiency, greater throughput, usable energy savings and increased profits.

Featured Drives


Dedicated AC Drives eliminate the need for an external PLC where the program incorporates all the functions commonly required in bridge and crane applications.


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